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I'm not online much, so I won' be updatin' too often. As my Member Status says: I'm a Procrastinator, so you should expect jus' that. ^^; I do have a shit-ton 'o more stuff comin'. I'll be occasionally updatin' as I can find some time to pull stuff from my external-drive & continue my writin'.



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Hello, DeviantArt! ^.^ I've missed you oh-so much! :heart:

:cry: Unfortunately, I'm not officially back yet, but I AM however done with my big move across the country & have finally begun to settle. :meow: These passed couple months have been pretty stressful, but not necessarily in a bad way. Here's the shortened version of how things have been:

This extended vacation I've taken has actually turned out to do much more healing for me than I originally expected it would! I started by getting away from the cramped rock in Alaska that I've lived on for the passed 15 years, & took a month+1/2 long pit-stop in Florida, before I eventually came to settle here in Minnesota.

While I was in Florida...
:la: I was finally able to go shopping!! (Normally, I wouldn't necessarily be excited about something so humdrum, but the "best" store I ever had access to, for the passed 10 years, was a very small Wal*Mart. Yeah, no kidding. I'm dead serious! I was that deprived of options.) It may seem stupid or silly to most of you, but you wouldn't believe how long I'd dreamed of being able to actually obtain stuff I enjoy without having to use the internet, pay ungodly extra costs for shipping, & then having to wait for an extra week, sometimes two or more, before I'd even see a box! (Of all the stores I went to, HotTopic now holds my record for the most money I've ever spent in one place at a time. No, don't ask me exactly how much. ^^; ...But it was a lot.)
:la: Aside from getting to see & catch up with some family members I very dearly missed, I was also able to visit some really neat places & do some really fun things!! I got to go to Disney World: Magic Kingdom (which I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would & couldn't leave without getting a Stitch plushie), Daytona Beach (a very fun experience, getting to touch real sand & swim in warm water), Blue/Alexander Springs (both were very interesting & had plenty of photography opportunities), Busch Gardens (I'm so proud of myself! I finally braved up enough to try some roller-coasters), & even the John/Mable Ringling Museum of Art (the Rose Garden & Ca' d'Zan were both very beautiful! The Circus museum was also really cool)! :heart:

Needless to say, between things I finally have access to & stuff I finally get to go do, I've been able to heal myself of a lot of physical tension & internal stress! This trip was so desperately needed & my spirits have finally been lifted! I'm now refreshed & looking forward to even more adventures as I begin this next chapter of my life.

Now that I'm in Minnesota...
After spending this passed weekend helping my godparents (whom I've moved in with as their roommate) move from one apartment to another, I've finally been able to unpack some stuff & begin to get settled. As far as current priorities & future plans go, my art is still unfortunately on a temporary hiatus.
:star: Right now, I need to focus on getting a job & making sure to carry my own weight here. Once I've got that squared away, I will then need to focus on getting used to my new schedule/routine & familiarizing myself with my new surroundings/getting used to navigating the city. I can't even begin to describe how lucky I am to have such wonderful people take me in & to be able to live in a place where everything that I really need is within a half-hour walking distance! My apartment is literally right across the street from the Minneapolis Community & Technical College & there's even an Art supply shop just a block away!!
:party: On that note, as soon as I've got all my ducks in a row, I definitely plan on continuing my art & getting my creative edge back on track! I will be kick-starting this with a request by :iconsyrens-dreams001:! :la: It seems that I should get more of my outfit designs out there, & this time I'm going to focus specifically on a Rave theme! I'm going to call this project "Raver's Fantasy" (yes, it's a pun in reference to the song) & my OCs are going to model it for me! :heart: I will eventually present one outfit for all 20 of them (including the ones who don't actually do raves ;3), plus the possibility of 4 bonus furry characters!
(Unfortunately, this will still be a bit of ways down the road. ;n; I'm not sure how long it will take me to get used to everything I need to take care of first, so it may be another month or so before I can get to this. My apologies, Syrens, but this project will definitely happen! I promise! ^^)
:meow: After all that, I plan on pulling "OldWorld Chronicle" out of the vault for some dusting & to continue working on my writing! Of course, this will still be only in its rough draft form, but there will continue to be updates & improvements yet! So, please keep checking back!

I love you all! You're awesome! :heart: It's so good to be back!

I had been missing my trusty old scanner/printer, as I'd decided to leave it behind with a friend when I moved; However, over the passed few months I've realized what an artistic mistake that was. Thankfully, he was willing to send it down to me & now I has it! :heart:
Now I can dig my tools out & OFFICIALLY get back to work! I've currently got a couple of random characters that I'll be posting & I've got 1/24 designs done for my "Raver's Fantasy" project, though I'm still debating on whether I want to post them as they're done or as a collection when they're all done. Hmmm...


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